Vocal and instrumental music play an integral part in the life of the school. There can seldom be a moment when music cannot be heard somewhere in the building starting with instrumental practice for the choristers at 7.00 a.m. each morning! Additional to the Chapel Choir, there are five school choirs and over 300 individual lessons are taught each week to children from Year 2 to Year 8.



Choral Singing

Visitors to the school may be forgiven for thinking that they are in a specialist music school, but they are not and we strive to ensure that music exists alongside a broad curriculum with an exceptional range of extension material for children.


Samba Workshop

At St George’s we subscribe to the excitement, motivation and sparkle which musical involvement elicits from children and which in turn influences their overall learning experience.

The King's Free Chapel. The Chapel of the Most Honourable and Noble Order of the Garter. The Chapel of the College of St George.