Catalogues & Guides

A number of online and paper catalogues are available in addition to guides relating to specific subjects. Where possible, we recommend you consult the relevant catalogue before arranging a visit to the searchroom.

If you are unable to find reference to the information you are looking for, or would like guidance on our holdings, please contact us.


A full catalogue of our archival holdings is available and searchable online. Please click here to search the catalogue. Guidelines for performing simple or advanced searches are provided.

The contents of the Chapter Library are not included in our online catalogue, but they are registered on Copac, which can be searched by clicking here.

Published catalogues are available for the Archives and Chapter Library:

J.N. Dalton, The Manuscripts of St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle (Windsor, 1957).
J. Callard, A Catalogue of Printed Books (Pre-1751) in the Library of St George’s Chapel Windsor Castle (Windsor, 1976).
C. Mould, The Musical Manuscripts of St George’s Chapel Windsor Castle: A Descriptive Catalogue (Windsor, 1973).

The indexes to the National Register of Archives (NRA) maintained by The National Archives: Historical Manuscripts Commission include references to the Archives and are available online.


We are in the process of compiling pdf guides to our holdings and these will be made available when completed. To view the pdf guides currently available, please click on the links below.

Summary Guide to Holdings

Research Guide 1: The Order of the Garter

Research Guide 2: The Military Knights

Research Guide 3: The Naval Knights

Research Guide 4: The College of St George

Research Guide 5: The Properties of the College


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