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The Archives comprise deeds, letters, rolls and manuscripts dating from the early twelfth century, tracing the history of the Chapel and College of St George and of the properties the College once managed in 30 counties across England and Wales. The Archives boasts a remarkable collection of medieval seals, richly illuminated manuscripts and letters from famous figures including Henry VIII, Charles II, William Pitt, Lord Howard of Effingham (the Admiral who defeated the Spanish Armada) and William, Lord Burghley (the minister of Elizabeth I). More recent documents include architectural plans and photographs from 1859 to the present day.

The contents of the Chapter Library are registered and searchable on the National Bibliographic Knowledgebase’s Library Hub.

The Chapter Library contains over 6,000 rare books, many still in their original bindings. There are 9 incunables, including Caxton’s ‘The Mirrour of the World’, and over 800 printed books from the sixteenth century and 4,500 from the seventeenth century. Alongside the theological works are world atlases, books on history, medicine, the arts, mathematics, the classics, bibliography, law and natural history.

Published catalogues of the Archives and Chapter Library are also available:

  • Callard, A. Catalogue of Printed Books (Pre-1751) in the Library of St George’s Chapel Windsor Castle (Windsor, 1976).
  • Dalton, J.N.  The Manuscripts of St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle (Windsor, 1957).
  • Mould, C. The Musical Manuscripts of St George’s Chapel Windsor Castle: A Descriptive Catalogue (Windsor, 1973).

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