In addition to our catalogued collections available online and a summary guide to our holdings, the following research guides are available to assist your research.

Research Guides

The Order of the Garter
Military Knights
Naval Knights
The College of St George
The Properties of St George

Annual Reports

The Society of Friends of St George’s and Descendants of the Knights of the Garter has published an Annual Report every year since 1931. These reports provide almost a century of history of the events at St George’s Chapel. Many also contain scholarly articles on the earlier history of the Chapel. Follow this link to read and download the Annual Reports.

Historical Monographs

The series of historical monographs relating to St George’s Chapel comprises nineteen volumes published between 1939 and the present day. Its purpose is to publish research into the wealth of material about the history of the Chapel contained in the Chapel Archives and to share it with a wide audience. Many of the monographs are now out of print so they have been digitised and made available online. Follow this link to read and download the Historical Monographs.

Learning and Education

Learning and education is one of the key roles of the Archives department at St George’s Chapel. We offer a selection of self-guided trails and worksheets for children of all ages to help make the most of their visit to the Chapel.

Through the links on the right, you can find out about school visits and download written materials to discover more about this historic building.

Resource material: terms of use

The worksheets, source-based lessons, teachers’ notes and other written material and illustrations on our website may be downloaded, printed out and photocopied (in colour or black and white) by schools and families for educational use. They may not be sold, nor any of the images and text contained in them be reproduced for publication without the permission of the Dean and Canons of Windsor.

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