Captain Montgomery’s crime…

The Chapter Acts of the College of St George record that on May the 17th 1687 the College:

Ordered that the County Coroner be forthwith sent for, to enquire of the Death of Captain Montgomery one of the poor Knights.

Two days later decisive action was taken against the deceased Captain Montgomery:

Mr Maleverer, Mr Wright, & Mr Sewell appointed the chapters Messengers for the seizing and sale of the good of Edward Montgomery they being forfeited to the College By the said Edward Montgomery being found felo de see [i.e. to have committed suicide] (within the precincts of this College) by a verdict of the coroners jury.

It is not known how or why Captain Montgomery committed suicide; his goods were seized because, until 1961, suicide was a criminal offence in the United Kingdom.

Kelda Roe (Archives Assistant)

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