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The First Catalogue?

William Day (Dean 1572-1595) was not fondly remembered in Windsor. He seems to have been reasonably popular previously (he is described as affable and courteous when he was at Cambridge), but less popular in Windsor. Thomas Frith (Canon, 1610-1631) called ...

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A Frosty Petition

The lay clerks of 1605 were not noted for their good behaviour. Many of them appear before the Dean and Canons to be disciplined, and one of them, Ambrose Frost, was dismissed in 1605. The Chapter Acts record that he ...

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Undue noise

Dean Wellesley (Dean of Windsor 1854-1882) was known for his tact, pleasant manner socially, and for being a close advisor to Queen Victoria. The first two qualities are shown by his response to a petition written to him by the ...

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A very busy man?

March marks the 500th anniversary of Christopher Urswick’s death. Urswick was appointed a Canon at Windsor in 1492, was installed as Dean in 1496, and resigned his position in 1505. During his time at Windsor, he added a new west ...

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The Missing Bishop

A small chapel, built during the 1490s, is annexed to the west end of the south quire aisle of St George’s Chapel. It is known as the Oliver King Chapel. But where is its founder, Bishop Oliver King? This simple ...

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The King's Free Chapel. The Chapel of the Most Honourable and Noble Order of the Garter. The Chapel of the College of St George.