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A red rose at Midsummer

St George’s Chapel Archives holds a document sealed by King Edward I on 27 February 1281 which confirms the grant of the manor of Godington, Oxfordshire, to Guy Ferrer in exchange for a single rose [SGC XI.P.5]. Ferrer was the ...

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A generous miser?

In September 1852 the parish of St Mary in North Marston, Buckinghamshire, a benefice of the Dean and Canons of Windsor, made the news. The parish had a longstanding claim to fame – it had been the burial place of ...

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A complex problem

One of the most difficult problems which confronted Charles II and his advisers at the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660 was how to deal with land which had been appropriated by the Commonwealth from the Crown and the Church—the ...

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Freedom of Worship

On 13 April 1598 the Edict of Nantes was issued by Henry IV of France, allowing freedom of religion to the Huguenots, a French Protestant community. In England, freedom of worship had been granted to Protestants by Edward VI, by ...

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The King’s Mistress

St George’s Chapel Archives holds three leases, all dated 11 December 1684, conveying land and property to Eleanor ‘Nell’ Gwyn ([1651]-1687), the notorious mistress of King Charles II. Through the indenture pictured [SGC XI.N.7], the Dean and Canons of St ...

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St Anthony’s pigs

From its foundation until the nineteenth century, the College of St George held land and property throughout the country and it was whilst researching these links that I came across the following porcine tale relating to St Anthony’s Hospital in London. A ...

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