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The will of a 16th century canon

At his appointment to a Canonry of Windsor in 1504, Robert Honiwood was Chancellor of Norwich. He subsequently became Archdeacon of Taunton (1509) and Prebendary of Lichfield (1512). He died in 1523. The fine brass monument to Robert Honiwood can ...

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Thomas Willement’s royal windows

Thomas Willement (1786–1871) was, to quote from his entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, “pre-eminent among a small group of stained-glass artists, who, in the early nineteenth century, utilized the medieval method of making a stained-glass window from ...

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The Pilgrims’ Corner

As many who have visited St George’s Chapel will know, at the far end of the south quire aisle is a spy-hole that looks down from the ceiling into the Chapel. It is a sizeable hole, bored right through the ...

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A broken promise?

In the 1520s, a disgruntled courtier named Sir Richard Weston, brought a case against the Dean and Canons before the Lord Chancellor, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. His supplication to Cardinal Wolsey survives amongst the records of Chancery at The National Archives ...

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Back to Bedlam

On 17 May 1677, the Chapter Acts note that “Mr Collins,  one of the Petty Canons,  is lately  fallen  distracted and that his father hath consented to his being  placed  in  Bedlam  at London as the likeliest means (by God’s ...

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The Office of High Steward

In the 15th century the universities of Oxford and Cambridge both appointed a High Steward to assist the University Chancellor in his official duties, in particular in the adjudication of disputes between members.  As time went on, the office evolved ...

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The King's Free Chapel. The Chapel of the Most Honourable and Noble Order of the Garter. The Chapel of the College of St George.