Feast fit for a herald…

Contained in the papers of the St George family of heralds is the below bill for a feast held for the heralds at the installation of 4 Knights of the Garter at Windsor in December 1714 [M.164/V/54]. It must have been quite a meal!

Bill of fare for the Heralds at Windsor 9th of December at the Installations of the dukes of Bolton & Rutland the Earles of Dorset & Halyfas containing one course & 7 dishes

In the midle a desert of fruit & sweet meets consisting of 2 plates of China oranges 4 in a plate 1 plate with 5 pairs 1 plate 10 golden pippins another of 10 other apples

4 little pretty saucers of dryed sugar cakes some red some white

4 little glass stands with some other like stuff not too thick laid each stand charged with 4 glassed filled with chocolate cakes & other sugar cakes with 2 plates of orange pill & long makaroons

1 dish of 4 chickens orb & peices of treats tongue sliced & herbs

2 surleyn of beef a la mode

3 chine of Pork & Turky with herbs

4 venison pye in a dish

5 boyled goose & savoyes

6 2 ducks 4 teal in one dish

No spoons dishes silver or pewter

Bread & beer sufficient

Wine red about 2 dozen & half but no white wine or sack

Eleanor Cracknell (Assistant Archivist)

The King's Free Chapel. The Chapel of the Most Honourable and Noble Order of the Garter. The Chapel of the College of St George.