The Descendants of the Knights of the Garter

The Association of the Descendants of the Knights of the Garter was founded in 1931 to help with the essential repairs, renovations, innovations and improvements to the Chapel and surrounding Cloisters and College buildings.  All Descendant members have shown that they are direct descendants of Garter Knights.

In 1935, the Association became amalgamated with the Friends of St George’s with which they shared a common purpose – to assist the repair and refurbishment of the historic Chapel buildings.  Since then, the Descendants of the Knights of the Garter have been part of the broader Friends family and with the Friends they exist to support the upkeep of the College of St George.

Membership as a Descendant of the Knights of the Garter is open to anyone who is able to demonstrate that they are directly descended from a Garter Knight.  As we are not a hereditary society, individuals wishing to apply to join us as a Descendant Member are asked to provide a lineage chart, properly certified, to confirm their claim.  For many people interested in tracing their ancestry, this has sparked a rewarding research into their family’s history!  We ask that you apply for confirmation through the College of Arms or by a professional genealogist recognised by the Association of Genealogists & Researchers in Archives.  There will be a cost involved in order to approve your ‘pedigree’.

For more information, please contact the Friends Office [email protected] 

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