The United States Report 20/21


This last year has been another challenge, as we have had to find alternative methods to continue our primary charitable mission to support St George’s. Although we are also a member of the U.S. Heritage Community, our primary purpose is to support St George’s College and Chapel in maintaining, restoring, and preserving the many architectural treasures of St George’s. For the second year, we have again had to cancel our Annual English Tea, that is held at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC, during Heritage Week in April.

Former garrison Sergeant Major William (Billy) Mott and his wife Tammy, either side of Ken Herrington.

Despite the continued Covid restrictions imposed on our normal operations and life, I am pleased to report that our Organization has continued to prosper, and gain quality members. Since my last letter, I am pleased to report that we have added twenty-four new Descendant and Friend Members.

With the key support staff of St George’s on furlough, I have had the pleasure of working closely with my staff to maintain our membership roster, administer new applicants, and add qualified members. This of course includes invaluable co-ordination with the Honorary Secretary Linda Aitken, who has become a good friend. We have worked well together in the “virtual world,” but we look forward to having the wonderful staff of St George’s back to work this October. We have missed them!

Due to the Covid restrictions of any work in Windsor Castle again this last year, there were no physical restoration projects that could be initiated. As a result, our USA Organization was honored to have the opportunity of funding a Chorister Scholarship, for a worthy young man to attend St George’s School, and participate in the world-renowned St George’s Chapel Choir. I am pleased to report that, through our generous members, we achieved our goal in funding that very special Scholarship!

Alastair Bruce with Ken Herrington and his daughter Christine at the Heralds’ Reception on Garter Day 2019.

On St George’s Day last April 23, several of our local members in Louisville, Kentucky, gathered for a formal dinner at the Pendennis Club to celebrate the Day, where we provided a joyous Royal Toast to Her Majesty.

We look forward to supporting St George’s by again funding a Chorister Scholarship this year, and we also again fervently hope to gather this next June in Windsor, to attend the very special Royal Ceremony of the Garter. After the Garter Ceremony, we support a reception, and later attend our traditional dinner later that evening at the Cumberland Lodge. It is a most memorable day.

If you are a U.S. Citizen and are interested in joining our Organization, please contact me at [email protected]

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