Group Visits to the Archives

At St George’s Chapel Archives, one of the main ways we aim to promote access to our documents is through organising group visits for interested parties. We provide tours of our exhibition spaces, in which are displayed a range of fascinating documents dating from the fourteenth century onwards, including illuminated manuscripts, rare books, papal bulls, royal seals, and music manuscripts. Groups are provided with introductory talks about the documents and the history of St George’s Chapel, and visitors are encouraged to ask questions. Through these group visits we hope to engage with interested individuals who would not otherwise have the opportunity to view items from our collection.

We are happy to organise group visits for societies, institutions and organisations, whether local, national or international. In the past we have hosted visits from local history and community groups, religious congregations, local business groups, students and academics from local universities, and branches of national societies, including the Decorative and Fine Arts Society, the Womens’ Institute, and the Society of Archivists.

If you are a member of a group that would enjoy visiting the St George’s Chapel Archive and being shown a selection of our most exciting documents, then please contact us.

John (Archives Assistant)

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