700th Anniversary

700th Anniversary

The Choristers will sing at a 700th anniversary service in the Oxford Diocese on Friday 4 July. 

The Schorne Team ministry includes twelve churches in the Aylesbury Vale. It is named after John Schorne (died 1314) who was rector of North Marston in Buckinghamshire. A pious man, he was said to have effected many miraculous cures for gout and toothache. When he died, his shrine in the church at North Marston became a popular place of pilgrimage and he was regarded by many as a saint, although he was never canonised. His reputation was such that he was believed to have cast the devil into a boot. Pilgrim badges depicted him holding a boot with a devil in it which is thought to be the origin of the jack-in-the-box toy.  John Schorne’s remains were later moved to St George’s Chapel.  The Dean and Canons of Windsor are patrons of the benefice.

For more information about the 700th anniversary please see http://www.schorneteam.co.uk/schorne700events.php

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