Bells ring out to mark anniversary

Bells ring out to mark anniversary

Yesterday the Curfew Tower bells were rung on the 16th day of the 12th month to mark 400 years since three of the bells were re-cast in 1612.   The bells in the Curfew Tower are rung on major Church Festivals, Patronal Festivals and Royal birthdays or key anniversaries.  The first bells were transferred from a bell tower (Mary Tudor Tower) in the lower ward to the Curfew Tower in 1478.  There were only 5 bells then;  in 1612 they were re-cast and a new bell added to make a ring of six.  Three of those six remain in the Curfew tower to this day.  There are now eight bells in all and it is the 4th, 6th and 7th that were re-cast in 1612.  The inscriptions read:

4th VENITE EXVLTEMVS I W 1612 – Come let us rejoice!

6th  VOX DEI GLORIOSA EST I W 1612,  – The voice of God is glorious.

7th NOS AVRIBVS NOBIS VOS CORDIBVS DEO SONATE I W 1612  – We sing for our ears; sing ye to God with your hearts!

A special touch of 1,612 changes of Stedman Triples was rung.  Some members of the Westminster Abbey band were invited to join those who regularly ring the Curfew Tower bells for St George’s.

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