Choir concert on the radio

Choir concert on the radio

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The combined choirs of St George’s Chapel, Hampton Court Palace, The Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy and the Gentlemen and Children of the Chapel Royal gave a resounding Coronation Anniversary concert in St George’s Chapel on 25 September.  If you missed the concert or would like to hear it again then you can hear it by clickingon the following link (until Friday 11 October)

If the music has interested you or a member of your family in becoming a chorister then please find out more click here

If you would like to come to another concert in St George’s Chapel you will be interested to know that there will be seasonal concerts on 9 and 18 December.  For further information click here

If you are interested in supporting the musical life of St George’s Chapel please click here

CDs of St George’s Chapel choir and organ are available please click here

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