Stories in Glass

Stories in Glass

St George’s Chapel is home to a variety of stained glass from the 15th and very early 16th century figures in the west window to a Victorian ‘parade’ of monarchs in the Quire Aisles; from heraldic glass in several of the chantry chapels to the 19th century east window put in place as a memorial to Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert.  The image above show a King from the West Window.

One of the small panels from the East Window alluding to the good works of Prince Albert. This one depicting his interest in improving housing for the poor.   The home page picture also came from the East window and shows the Resurrection.

To read more about the East Window please see the Archives image of the month for February 2024  The ‘Images of the Month’ and the ‘Archives Blog’ cover a frequent, wide and often unexpected plethora of detail about St George’s Chapel and the people who have lived and worked here.

In 2022 repair and cleaning work was undertaken on some of the heraldic glass on the south front of St George’s Chapel. To read more about that work please click here.

Heraldic window on the south front about to be removed for repair in 2022.


Meanwhile, scaffolding put up inside the Beaufort Chantry Chapel in 2023 to undertake window repairs and cleaning has been kept in place so that in early 2024 the vaulting can also be cleaned.




Pope Cornelius from the West Window

The West Window contains 75 figures of Saints, Kings, Princes, Knights and Popes. Click here to find a Knightly Prince to colour in.


The King's Free Chapel. The Chapel of the Most Honourable and Noble Order of the Garter. The Chapel of the College of St George.