No more beavers!

In 1704, the heralds wrote to Lord Godolphin, with this bizarre request:

Sir, It is the humble request of the two Provinciall Kings of Arms, the six Heralds and four pursuivants in ordinary being twelve in number that you would be pleased to move the right Honorable the Lord High Treasurer of England to allow them the sume of twelve pounds extraordinary in leiu of Beaver hatts and feathers with scarfs of my Lords colours which wilbe much less charge to his Lordship than if they had received them in kind as formerly it being the same allowance given them at the Installations of the right Honorable the Earle of Penbroke (then and now Lord P[re]sident of the councell, the right Honorable the Earle of Albemarle and other Knights companions of that order at their Installations and considering their expenses upon that occasion when most others the Queens servants receive their fees without any attendance or expenses [M.164/V/48].

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