Saturday 3 December

Holy Communion

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College of St George - Windsor Castle

Come Sing at St George's!

St George's School

Come Sing at St George's!

Picture of the Choristers in the Dean's Cloister

Since its original foundation in 1352, St George’s has been a Choir School. Since that time, we have provided the boy choristers who form the treble line in the choir of St George’s Chapel.

This musical tradition is as vibrant and important today as it ever was and the 23 choristers, although numerically a small section of the school community, fulfil a vital role in the daily life of the school and the college.

Choristers are normally appointed between the ages of 7 and 9, some internally and others from the wider community.

To discover more about the life of a chorister and find out about the Auditions and Chorister for a Day email