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Archives at War

At Windsor, the Second World War is represented in the archives by some documents about air raid precautions, and discussions about what to do if the alarm sounds during a service. The Chapter Acts show the difficulty of keeping the ...

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A red rose at Midsummer

St George’s Chapel Archives holds a document sealed by King Edward I on 27 February 1281 which confirms the grant of the manor of Godington, Oxfordshire, to Guy Ferrer in exchange for a single rose [SGC XI.P.5]. Ferrer was the ...

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A Canon on Trial

On 10 September 1561, Richard Bruerne [Bruarne] (1519-1565), Canon of Windsor, stood trial before the Queen’s Visitors. The written statements of depositions given by members of the College of St George survive in the Chapel Archives [SGC XV.58.9*]

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