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Absent without leave?

Robert Johnson was a Canon of Windsor from 30 July 1572 to 23 July 1625. During this time, he founded two grammar schools and two hospitals in Oakham and Uppingham, Rutland, the two schools later becoming distinguished public  schools,  and ...

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Dear old Staffy

Arthur Stafford Crawley (1876-1948), or rather “Staffy” as he was affectionately known by his friends and family, was appointed Canon of Windsor in 1934. He had led a fascinating life before coming to St George’s Chapel. He had visited India ...

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The Majendies – Father and Son

The Edict of Nantes of 1598 had allowed freedom of religion to the Huguenots, a French Protestant minority in a predominately Roman Catholic France. When Louis XIV renounced the Edict in 1685 and declared Protestantism illegal in France, many Huguenots ...

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