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Wheels within wheels

In the secure, humidity-controlled strongroom ‘A’ in St George’s Chapel Archives and Chapter Library, Windsor, far away from the secrets of the sea and all things nautical, are four precious books printed in Italian and written by Robert Dudley, the ...

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On the reading habits of canons

It is perhaps to be expected that the majority of the books that make up the Chapter Library of the College of St George should be serious texts, concerning the great academic and theological issues of their respective times. More ...

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Argh me hearties!

When someone mentions pirates, it often leads to the romantic image of a bearded man with a gold ring in his ear and parrot on the shoulder. Films such as Pirates of the Caribbean have helped to enhance the image ...

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Manitowompae Pomantamoonk

Housed in the Chapter Library is a very unusual volume, written entirely in Massachusetts Indian. This volume is a translation of The Practice of Piety by Lewis Bayly, Bishop of Bangor, translated by John Eliot, “The Apostle to the Indians”. ...

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