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William Edington, statute writer

October this year marks the 650th anniversary of the death of William Edington, Bishop of Winchester. A financially astute servant of King Edward III, Edington served as Keeper of the Wardrobe, Treasurer and Chancellor throughout his career, arranging the kingdom’s ...

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Love thy neighbour

For many who work for the College of St George, Windsor Castle is not just their place of work, but also their home. People are not just colleagues but neighbours who foster a wonderful sense of community. However, a couple ...

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Back to Bedlam

On 17 May 1677, the Chapter Acts note that “Mr Collins,  one of the Petty Canons,  is lately  fallen  distracted and that his father hath consented to his being  placed  in  Bedlam  at London as the likeliest means (by God’s ...

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Assault and Battery

On 22 September 1677, Chapter heard the complaint of Matthew Green, Master of the Choristers, that he had been assaulted on Wednesday last by Mrs Kellaway as he was coming to Church. She had, he said, “struck him on the ...

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