Two bottles of Burgundy and a biscuit…

Arthur Stafford Crawley (1876-1948) was Canon of Windsor from 1934 until his death in 1948.

Amongst the extensive Crawley correspondence held in St George’s Chapel Archives, are more than two hundred letters from his mother, Inez Pringle (following her first husband’s death in 1879 she married Rear-Admiral JE Pringle who seems to have been well-liked by the Crawley family).

Stafford Crawley’s mother strongly supported his decision to take Holy Orders and frequently wrote letters of encouragement and sometimes enclosed passages from books which she hoped would inspire and support his studies. However, Inez Pringle’s letters also reveal a timeless maternal concern for her son’s physical well being. On 11th November 1900 she asked:

“Have you bought yourself some really warm vests and drawers?? – if not do so at once…”

By the 3rd December 1900 she had spoken with Inez (Arthur Stafford Crawley’s elder sister) who reported that he looked pale and run down. To protect her “precious Sonnie” Inez Pringle decided to take action and wrote:

“I shall send you 2 bottles of good Burgundy you must have a glass in your room at 11 –  & and 4 – like medicine with one biscuit, if not your sight, head and nerves will suffer and then comes depression.  So please dear carry out my orders strictly.”

Kelda Roe (Archives Assistant)

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